A New Service Model.

The Show Site Experience

It’s all about getting more work done at show site, because that’s when time is most valuable. No more hectic service desk lines, now you can work, find help, or just relax in an exhibitor lounge. Then add in your Personal Exhibitor Assistant (PEA) and now we’re talking!


Personal Exhibitor Assistant (PEA)

They are better than any vegetable, that’s for sure. Your PEA is like an executive assistant who also just happens to be an expert at trade shows, so they can help solve any of your challenges. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a real thing at Nexxt Show.


• On-demand service in your exhibit   • Answers to all your questions

• Ability to order products and services   • More time to work on what you need to

The Lounge

A big space just for exhibitors. With refreshments, service assistance, and work space, it’s like your office but at show site.

Technology that makes your life easier.

On-demand service at show site, right to your exhibit.

Real-time, small package tracking with e-mail notification on delivery.

Online ordering – whenever, wherever.