Tons of options, and everything looks custom.

Custom Exhibits

Posh Custom Exhibits for any need.

We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your permanent exhibit is spectacular. In some cases, we’ve had to use 8 coats of automobile paint just to get the right finish – and we were happy to do so, just to make sure the client would be impressed. (They were.)

Temporary Campaign Exhibits for brand marketing initiatives. 

We also offer special Campaign Exhibits, which are only meant to last through a few uses — it’s still custom, but more cost effective. We save money by cutting a few corners where we can, yet still providing an impressive tailor-made exhibit that is perfect for a marketing campaign or branding event.

Standard Exhibits

Attractive exhibits that represent your brand. 

Standard still means custom around here. You can deck this thing out from floor to ceiling with eye-catching graphics and stylish furnishings. There are so many options, you’re sure to find the ones that are just right for you – and then show up!

Creative Philosophy

Our designers are encouraged to get out of the office and go have life experiences. Be it an art gallery in NYC, a café in Paris, the peak of Yosemite or just gazing into the ocean – whatever stimulates their soul and leaves a creative impression. That essence is then reflected in their work and your brand production. This is an example of something that inspires us, the work of Antoni Gaudí.

Technology that makes your life easier.

Review and approve graphics online – from anywhere, anytime.

On-demand service at show site, at your exhibit.

How can we help you build an amazing experience?