Save up to 30% on shipping!

Freedom Shipping™ from NexxtShow is the only shipping service in the industry that has a fixed rate for material handling — any day, any time, move-in and move-out. It’s true freedom.

*rates are just examples for representation and not actual prices, special may not be available at every venue

One package includes all this stuff, it’s so easy and fast!

  • Control – Real-time tracking around the clock, low rates to fit your budget, email notifications

  • Just One – invoice, point of contact, rate for material handling

  • Instant – quotes, ease, and relief

  • Roundtrip Shipping – pickup, material handling, reload, transportation to next destination

  • First – priority empty returns, delivery to your booth, 30 days free storage before show open

  • Only Here It’s true.

Freedom Shipping includes everything from pickup to drop off – nothing is easier or faster.

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